At Impact Public Schools, we know that excellent schools have the power to transform communities. We also know that the “factory model” of education is not working for the vast majority of students in America, particularly in economically-disadvantaged communities. The way we educate our youth must evolve to ensure that students are not constantly compared to an average. Instead, we must trust our students to develop the skills, habits, and mindsets required to succeed in a rapidly changing world. There has never been a more important time than now to boldly reimagine what’s possible for all students - especially those whose voices are currently marginalized - and to create our next generation of diverse leaders prepared to transform the 21st century.

“We are deeply committed to ensuring each child’s talents and passions are cultivated within the school community and that all students are achieving their goals. ”
Jen Wickens
CEO, Impact Public Schools

We believe the path to true empowerment must start the moment students are introduced to school, so that valuable time is not lost reversing unproductive behaviors. From the very beginning of their K-12 experience, IPS students will set a personalized and fluid path to meet their full potential, engage in deeper learning experiences that are inspiring and connected to their lives, and develop transformative and lasting relationships with adult mentors who will help guide the way to college.

The IPS team believes all children are naturally curious and capable of achieving at high levels. We organize our classrooms, curricula, program, and support with the expectation that each individual’s learning journey is unique. At IPS, all students push beyond self- and societally-imposed limits to become the most powerful version of themselves.